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Two of the scariest words I have heard in a long time is “Social Media”. However, there is no real reason to be afraid of them, they just need to be understood.

When you think about it, all these words are asking you to be is social, have a conversation or share an opinion, something you do each day.

Social Media and The Dinner Party

Social Media is no different than a dinner party. Being Social is all you need to be, and depending on who is at the dinner party you will gravitate to a specific individual.

A dinner party has three types of people: the know-it-all, the wallflower and the conversationalist. 

The Know-It-All

We have all met the know-it-all, the person who talks and has an opinion on everything. At first everyone flocks to them, but after a while, they get tired of being told what to think and they leave to try to find someone they can have a conversation with.

 The Wallflower

The wallflower is the opposite of the know-it-all. They are off to the side; they listen and only contribute to the conversation when asked. Even though they have their own opinions, they are worried about offending anyone with them. At first people will approach them, but soon find trying to have a conversation with them is hard and move on.

The Conversationalist

The last person at the dinner party is the conversationalist. This person asks questions; listens to everyone’s opinion. They realize people have a different opinions, and they are curious to know yours. This person wants to not only hear your opinion, but will ask questions and encourages conversation. This is the person everyone slowly gravitates to at the party.

In the world of Social Media, your goal is to be the conversationalist. A business that engages with their clients, listens to what they think, want, and need, then acts on that information will be successful. Social Media is more than just a place to sell your product or a service. It is the place where you engage with your clients.

Sharing information your clients need, whether it is about the latest trend in your industry, or an event they might find useful. This positions your business as a trusted partner and not just another company trying to sell them something.

When the topic of Social Media comes up the reaction is a huge range from “I have this down to a science” to “I don’t think it is necessary to grow my business”.

No matter where you fall, having a solid Social Media strategy is key in today’s world. 

Let’s chat about how Super Hero Designs can help you be social today.

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