Super Hero Designs’ Origin

Working with clients for the past 20 years I always felt there was a better approach to their marketing. Sitting in a room with a team of creative people, developing the client’s story, without the client there, just was not working anymore. I realized there had to be a better way.

Asking a simple question: “How can we help out clients succeed?”, over and over, helped form the foundation of a philosophy Super Hero Designs developed to enable our client’s business to succeed.

H.E.R.O. is more than a word, it is the entire approach to your business.

H.E.R.O. means:


Evaluate and 


Opportunities for our clients.

How Do We Develop Your HERO Marketing Strategy?

By working directly with your team. Learning from your team, visit your offices when possible. Taking the time learn your company’s culture, learn what makes your company truly unique. Together we will develop a compelling story, that will have your company noticed, not just seen.

We believe strongly in working directly with you, being able to talk with you, for you to be able to talk with us and to tell a story that you will be proud to communicate to your customers and the world.

It is not about what Super Hero Designs can do for you, it is about what we can do together that is exciting.

Meet Your Marketing Hero

Joe Sheptak

Joe Sheptak

Founder & President

Ever since Joe was young, he was fascinated with the ads he would read in magazines or newspapers, hear on the radio or see on TV.

Joe would sit there and try to figure out why someone would buy a certain product or service over another.

This curiosity began a lifelong passion for marketing that produces results. This led Joe to a passion for Inbound Marketing and the results it can produce for your business.

Joe believes in empowering your team with knowledge is essential to the success of any marketing campaign.

Joe is always up to talk about the latest blockbuster, baseball game (being the coach of his son’s little league team has given him a new appreciation for the game) he is a huge Seattle Mariners fan, the adventures you can have at Disneyland, or about how marketing is awesome.

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Join other business leaders who have opted-in to stay informed of everything happening in the digital marketing world.

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